If you have medium sized online business, choosing between shared website hosting and dedicated web hosting plan, can be big challenge.

Things can become confuse because you will decide between your future need and current.

In this article we will touch each aspect of shared website hosting and dedicated website hosting plan. So that it will become easier for high decision.

We will distinguish between the two types of website hosting plans in this article according to their feature.

Disk Space and Band Width

In website hosting plan the word “bandwidth” means the website visitors/ traffic used by services such as cloud web hosting and dedicated server over the coerce of month.

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Shared Website Hosing

Most website hosting companies will advertise their shared hosting plans with unlimited disk space and band width, which we have already mentioned.

But fact is that this website hosting plans will always have limit in others words, you cannot use the unlimited disk space in one go. You can use an unspecified at 1st & then you can add more. But only website hosts gets to decide that how disk space you can use each time.

Dedicated web hosting server

If you have web that receive massive volume of website visitors / traffic dedicated web hosting server is right choice. Some website hosts can provide you actual   “unlimited” bandwidth & disk space.

Performance of Shared & Dedicated Hosting

The batter performance of your web, visitors, users experience will be batter. Because A shared website hosting plan will always have limited Resource. You could never be certain about you websites performance on the other hand if you have dedicated website hosing plan, you will never have to worry about another website traffic.

The server will be entirely dedicated to your website & you can collect experience any amount of visitor without having to worry about any downtime if your website got lots of visitors dedicated hosting plan is good.

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Security of Shared Website Hosting

The basic mechanism of shared website hosting makes it less secure than a dedicated website hosting server plan. It is because your web will be on website server which is shared by more than one other site. A one erroneous script is running on the server this script can be crash your server. You cannot know what kind of other sites is hosted on your Shared hosting Server.

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Security of Dedicated Website Hosting

There is more security and reliability of having your site running on dedicated Web hosting Server. A typical dedicated web hosting server allows running almost all types of web scripts and software’s.

Besides, the website host always is monitoring your dedicated hosting server to ensure that your website is running smoothly. It is reason that why you pay more them.


Shared hosting Controls

Shared website hosting is for those sites owners who do not have the knowledge how to manage the web control. But this lack of sufficient hosting control comes with its own draw backs. In shared hosting you can use limited kinds of scripting and files. But if you do not want advance scripts, applications & features to run your website, so Shared hosting could be an economical option.

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Dedicated hosting Controls

In dedicated hosting server you have total control over the server resources. On other dedicated server is also best, if you want more resources for large site. User should have technical knowledge & some experience to manage this. Dedicated hosting server also offer root access code to webmaster.


Shared website hosting Costs

Shared web hosting have very low price so many professional & small businesses choose shared hosting plan.

Dedicated hosting costs

Dedicated server has very high cost. Minor technical issues are free in dedicated hosting server. If the hosting server has any major problem, you pay the hourly basis. In short dedicated server is for premium hosting users who have large site.

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