4 things to avoid in website hosting services

In this article we will try to tell you which things to avoid in website hosting are? With the number website hosting companies roaming around the world wide website today, how can you be sure that you have the best hosting provider companies & individuals that are looking into building & launching a site for the first time will rely heavily on the help professional website hosting providers in order to ensure that they are on the true track. Get ready to bombarded by offers from different website hosting provider companies, all promising to provide only the good quality of service  for your income. Caution is much important especially if you are new to website hosting. Knowing the things to avoid in website hosting can also help making search easier & hassle free. Here some things to avoid in website hosting should keep.

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  • Free website hosting provider companies offers sound like great catch especially for those with limited budget. But is really free service? Remember that nothing comes free in this world, without any restrictions. Most of these website hosting provider companies offers have certain conditions such as sponsored advertisement placed on your site & and  that if you do not want  these sponsored ads on your website, the only option is to get paid hosting service. If you have professional business website then these things to avoid in website hosting service.

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  • Check hosting provider companies offer on disk space and band width. You’ll offer here the terms; unlimited disk space & bandwidth. And if you are new user, this can easily get your attention. Is this real deal? The reality is that there nothing (unlimited space & bandwidth). Every website hosting provider only has a certain amount of disk space to provide their customers and once your performance of your site. Go for a website hosting packages that can offers to customer’s expandable bandwidth as this is more realistic than unlimited.
  • Run away from all unreliable customer service. This scenario is quite common hosting provider companies that offer free website hosting service. Expect to get mediocre type of client service especially if are not paying for anything. As a new user in website hosting, you will need all the help & assistance from hosting provider companies in order to get right on track.

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  • If finding a website hosting provider that fits your needs seem to be quite challenge, conduct your net research & learn about  the provider offers  from various hosting provider companies. Feedback & comments from previous users can also provide a good insight. In this post you have known which these things to avoid in website hosting service are.

Shared Vs Dedicated Hosting.

If you have medium sized online business, choosing between shared website hosting and dedicated web hosting plan, can be big challenge.

Things can become confuse because you will decide between your future need and current.

In this article we will touch each aspect of shared website hosting and dedicated website hosting plan. So that it will become easier for high decision.

We will distinguish between the two types of website hosting plans in this article according to their feature.

Disk Space and Band Width

In website hosting plan the word “bandwidth” means the website visitors/ traffic used by services such as cloud web hosting and dedicated server over the coerce of month.

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Shared Website Hosing

Most website hosting companies will advertise their shared hosting plans with unlimited disk space and band width, which we have already mentioned.

But fact is that this website hosting plans will always have limit in others words, you cannot use the unlimited disk space in one go. You can use an unspecified at 1st & then you can add more. But only website hosts gets to decide that how disk space you can use each time.

Dedicated web hosting server

If you have web that receive massive volume of website visitors / traffic dedicated web hosting server is right choice. Some website hosts can provide you actual   “unlimited” bandwidth & disk space.

Performance of Shared & Dedicated Hosting

The batter performance of your web, visitors, users experience will be batter. Because A shared website hosting plan will always have limited Resource. You could never be certain about you websites performance on the other hand if you have dedicated website hosing plan, you will never have to worry about another website traffic.

The server will be entirely dedicated to your website & you can collect experience any amount of visitor without having to worry about any downtime if your website got lots of visitors dedicated hosting plan is good.

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Security of Shared Website Hosting

The basic mechanism of shared website hosting makes it less secure than a dedicated website hosting server plan. It is because your web will be on website server which is shared by more than one other site. A one erroneous script is running on the server this script can be crash your server. You cannot know what kind of other sites is hosted on your Shared hosting Server.

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Security of Dedicated Website Hosting

There is more security and reliability of having your site running on dedicated Web hosting Server. A typical dedicated web hosting server allows running almost all types of web scripts and software’s.

Besides, the website host always is monitoring your dedicated hosting server to ensure that your website is running smoothly. It is reason that why you pay more them.


Shared hosting Controls

Shared website hosting is for those sites owners who do not have the knowledge how to manage the web control. But this lack of sufficient hosting control comes with its own draw backs. In shared hosting you can use limited kinds of scripting and files. But if you do not want advance scripts, applications & features to run your website, so Shared hosting could be an economical option.

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Dedicated hosting Controls

In dedicated hosting server you have total control over the server resources. On other dedicated server is also best, if you want more resources for large site. User should have technical knowledge & some experience to manage this. Dedicated hosting server also offer root access code to webmaster.


Shared website hosting Costs

Shared web hosting have very low price so many professional & small businesses choose shared hosting plan.

Dedicated hosting costs

Dedicated server has very high cost. Minor technical issues are free in dedicated hosting server. If the hosting server has any major problem, you pay the hourly basis. In short dedicated server is for premium hosting users who have large site.

10 top PHP hosting Provider Companies

According to our searches, experiments & knowledge there are 10 top PHP hosting provider companies are in below.

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These PHP hosting provider companies have high ranked and 100 % trust able

Sr# Name Features
1 Blue Host

(best hosting for Drupal)

Ø  Price:3.50$ per month

Ø  100 GB Disk Space

Ø  Unlimited File Transfer

Ø  Unlimited Email Box

Ø  One Free Domain

Ø  Host One Domain name

Ø  100$ Marketing Credit

Ø  Any Time Money Back

2 Green Geeks

(Best Business PHP Hosting Provider)

Ø  Free For 30 Days

Ø  Free PHP Migration

Ø  Free one Click Drupal Install

Ø  Unlimited Email Box

Ø  One Free Domain name

Ø  Free Blazing Fast SSD Raid ten Storage.

3 In motion host

(Best Personal PHP Host)

Ø  6.95$ per moth

Ø  10 GB disk Space

Ø  Suitable for 10k Traffic / Visitors

Ø  100% Uptime

Ø  Multiple sites

Ø  Control Panel & SSH Access

Ø  Any Time Back Money

Ø  Free Cloud Flare CDN

4 I Page

(Reliable PHP hosting Provider)

Ø  3.50$ per Month

Ø  Unlimited Disk Space

Ø  Unlimited file Transfer

Ø  Unlimited E-Mail box

Ø  Host two Domain name

Ø  Auto Data Backup

Ø  Free SSD

Ø  3 Month Money Back

5 Cloud Ways

(Fast PHP hosting Cloud Platform)

Ø  5$ Per Month

Ø  Unlimited Web Installation

Ø  Free Trial

Ø  100% Uptime

Ø  20 GB SSD Storage

Ø  1 TB Band width

Ø  Anytime Money Back Guarantee

6 Host Gator

(Best PHP hosting provider for Business Managed)

Ø  Price 2.5$ per Month

Ø  100 GB Space

Ø  Unlimited File Transfer

Ø  Unlimited E-Mail Box

Ø  One free domain name

Ø  Host one domain name

Ø  Hundred Percent Uptime

Ø  Any time Fee Back

7 Go Daddy

(Feasible PHP Hosting Provider)

Ø  5$ per month

Ø  Unlimited Disk Space

Ø  Root Access

Ø  Unlimited E-Mail Box

Ø  Rabidly Scalable

Ø  100% Uptime

Ø  299.9% Wind Power

8 Site Ground


Ø  4$ Per Month

Ø  Unlimited Disk Space

Ø  Unlimited Transfer

Ø  Unlimited Email

Ø  One Free Domain name

Ø  Host Unlimited Domain Names

Ø  3 Month Money Back Guarantee

9 Hub Web hosting provider Ø  5$ Per Month Price

Ø  Unlimited Disk Space

Ø  Unlimited transfer

Ø  One Click Drupal Install

Ø  Host one Domain name

Ø  Cloud Flare Integration Sys

Ø  Painless 0 Down time PHP (personal Home Page) Transfer

Ø  Free site Transfer

Ø  3 Month fee Back Guarantee

10 HUB Web hosting provider Ø  2$ per month price

Ø  Unlimited Disk Space

Ø  Unlimited File Transfer

Ø  Unlimited E-Mail Box

Ø  One Free domain name

Ø  Host unlimited Domain names

Ø  One Free Dedicated IP Address

Ø  24 hours Support Sys


Top 7 Website Hosting Provider Companies

Before starting your website business , you are always looking for low cost ways to run your website so we share  top 7 website hosting provider companies for run your website in low cost with great features .

  • Host Winds

Host Winds VPS website hosting service is one of the cheapest website hosting provider. You will be able to find, serving united states and United Kingdom startups and small online business. Host Winds website hosting provider is known for their great reliability with a no downtime full guarantee to back that up and 24 hours full technical support that solves your every web hosting problems quickly through live chat and phone.

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Host Winds website hosting provider provide you unlimited band with & disk space, nightly website backup & option that includes shared website hosting , VPS or dedicated website hosting server.

The prices of Host Winds website hosting are very low…

50$ / month with one year domain

50$ / month with up to 4 domains

50$ / month with dedicated IP Address

In addition to this low cost web hosting, you get free stuff like free domain name, free setup free file transfer & free web, this is great way to run your online business in low cost.

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Blue Host

Blue host website hosting provider is also great way to run your online business. Use Blue hosting service if you need lot of  features such as Unlimited web hosting space & email accounts, GD files transfer and unlimited domain name and with free website templates you can get these all in one account.

Blue host provide you live chat support for technical help. It offers you demo account for help, you can learn easily, how to manage website control panel works. They also provide you multiple security tools such as website admin password protection, Secure FTP, Server Backups, Shared SSL & Dedicated Certificates to keep your all website information safe.

They also offer free E commerce & online Shopping Cart applications for retail startups (Survey Software’s, CMS Software’s and Word press).

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If you need strong email tools then use Fat Cow website hosting service. They offer auto responders, catchall email accounts and ways to set up email aliases, valuable adds, Google, Face book, yahoo / Bing as well as yellowpages.com listing.

Minimal downsides are evident but do include only shared website hosting capability & Shared SSL Certificate as well as Control Panel.

The Fee of annual package is 49$ + 14.99$ for domain migration but no fee for domain name.

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A Small Orange

This website hosting Provider Company offers many shared plans

Tiny hosting plan for small start ups

Medium Hosting plan for the average size business

Supper hosting plan for more complex business websites

They also offer VPS hosting plan and dedicated hosting plan for even more room. This website hosting company has numerous types website hosting services , unlimited address, CMS software’s , forum, Calendar functionally  tools for educational and retail  websites applications, Survey Tools and wikis.

Price Start from 35$ to 240$ as well as 15$ is domain migration fee and 14.55$ is domain name fee.


1&1 website hosting provider is known for its security strength, focusing on these serving companies that want to sell his products online features including backups website space , Recovery tools, shared & Dedicated SSL Certificates.

1&1 also offer website lock for an additional fee for signs of suspicious activity / regular malware.

1&1 website hosting provider provides unlimited band with & Disk Space. This site provides scalable solutions that grow as startup expands.

1&1 hosting company also offer additional marketing value for the money with credits for face book marketing , Google ad Words and Bing/ Yahoo!.

There are also free web Email marketing, Shopping Care Software and Free E Commerce.

Note: 1&1 hosting company do not offer live chat for each support but they provide Email Contact.

Hosting Price Start from 23$/year to 179$/year.


Host gator

Host gator website hosting Provider Company provides a significant level of confidence; teach support through E-mail, live chat, phone & Social Media (Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus).

Many other web hosting provider companies give you a 30 days money back guarantee, this company give you more 15 days for decide, if you want to cancel your web hosting plan.

They provide you many website templates and customizable tools for website design. They also offer unlimited E-mail Addresses and C-panel demos. They only do weekly server backups.

Hosting price start from 7.95$ to 143.52$.

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I page

I page hosting company delivers many unlimited features value ads. You can get unlimited domains, parked domain, sub domains & add-on Domains.

There is Control panel, SSL Certificate, 24 hours tech support and user friendly websites designs.

However! You cannot add Private Domain in I page hosting.